FAQ - how to buy 0 Euro?

Do I have to register on the website to buy 0 Euro banknotes?
Registration on the website is not required. Banknotes can be purchased by both, guests as well as logged in users who registered earlier. However, setting up an account is helpful for faster checkout. All address data necessary to finalize the order are loaded from the user's panel before making the payment and a user does not have to enter them manually.
I already have an account, but cannot log in. What to do?
Each issue of the 0 Euro banknote has its own sales platform with its own separate database, including the users database. This means that you cannot log in to one website using the data used to register on another platform. Before contacting the store staff on this matter, please ensure yourself that you have registered on the platform you are trying to log in to. The easiest way to do it is to use the "I forgot my password" option in the My Account tab. If the system does not recognize your email address, it means that you have not registered on this platform yet. Such registration should then be done.
When will it be possible to register an account on this website?
Registration will be available from February 17. On this day, the option to register will appear in the My Account tab.
What time will the sale start?
For technical reasons, we do not provide the exact time of the sale start. The sale always starts on the 1st Issue Day, between 0:00 and 23:59.
Is it possible to pay for the banknotes by bank transfer or cash on delivery?
All available payment methods are available in the Payment methods tab and in the Regulations. In order to give every user equal chances of purchasing 0 Euro banknotes, instant online payment methods are available on the sales platform.
How can I speed up the banknote purchasing process during a high website load?
The load on the page on the 1st Issue Day is usually significant, especially directly after the start of sales. If you want to speed up loading of subsequent pages during your shopping process, you should avoid to refresh the page, even if it takes a long time to load. Reloading makes an additional load on the server and loading your pages starts all over again. This makes the end result counterproductive.
How much time do I have to make a purchase?
The time to complete the purchase, from adding the first product to the cart to confirming the transaction, is 3 minutes. If you fail to confirm the payment within this time, the product from your cart will be removed and will be returned to the set of available products in the store. Such a restriction is aimed at leveling the chances of making a purchase for all users of the sales platform.
How much time do I have to pay?
The time for making the payment, counted from the moment of confirming the purchase, is 10 minutes. It it time to finish all tasks related to making a payment, e.g. entering the code / SMS codes or the credit card CVV security code. If you do not manage to complete all the payment authorization activities within this time, your transaction will be automatically canceled by the payment system and the product from your cart will be returned to the set of available products in the store. Such a restriction is aimed at leveling the chances of making a purchase for all users of the sales platform.
Why can't I add a product that is available in the store to my cart?
The stock for unpaid orders is held for a specified time period, beyond which the order is canceled. If you are unable to add a product that is available in the store to your cart, it means that another person (or persons) currently has this product in the cart and continues shopping or completing the order.
What should I do if the items in my cart have been removed?
This situation means that you failed to complete the purchase or make the payment within the specified time (see above). In this case, you should make the purchase again, paying attention to the maximum time allowed for each stage of the transaction.
How do I know when my order has been accepted and paid for?
After receiving each order, the 0 Euro sales platform sends the buyer a message with the order data and its number to the e-mail address provided during registration. If you have not received such a message and it is also not in the Spam folder, please contact us in any of the ways provided in the Regulations. The payment confirmation can be also done manually, by the sales platform administrator (if it cannot be done automatically), but in most online payments you will receive confirmation from your payment operator, e.g. your card issuer or bank.
How do I know when my order was shipped?
Shipping information is usually sent automatically from the shipping company's system, e.g. Inpost. Such message should contain the parcel number with a link to track it. Regardless of this message, the sales platform administrator marks each completed shipment as a completed order. At the same time, an appropriate order confirmation is sent to your e-mail address provided during registration.
How can I speed up my order?
Orders are processed in sequence and there is no possibility to speed them up. Any inquiries about the planned date of shipment of your order, directed to the store staff, reduce the time for order fulfillment and delay shipments. We make every effort to ensure that shipments are made as soon as possible, but the deadline is the date specified in the Costs and delivery methods tab. Dokładamy wszelkich starań, aby wysyłki zostały realizowane jak najszybciej, jednak terminem granicznym jest termin wskazany w zakładce
What happens if I want to cancel my order?
If you want to cancel your order on the sales platform and it has not been shipped yet, you must send us this information from the e-mail address from which the order was placed. Then the products you have purchased may be available to buyers again. If you want to cancel an order that has already been shipped, you must send us an attachment, available in the Regulations, within 14 days. Detailed information on withdrawal from the sales contract is also specified in the Regulations. In both of the above cases, the reimbursement of the purchase costs is made after the completion of the order cancellation procedure.
How can I know if some of currently unavailable products will be offered for sale in the store again?
For unavailable products, it is not possible to add them to the basket at the moment, but it is possible that an additional amount will be available to purchase again, e.g. from canceled orders. Only when the product is permanently unavailable, the word PRODUKT WYPRZEDANY (SOLD OUT) appears next to its description.
Can I completely delete my account from the sales platform after completing the purchase?
Yes, for this purpose, please send a message to the store administrator from the email address provided during registration.